LifeWay’s Summer Reading Program

Last year, The kids and I were big library patrons. We had exhausted our ever-burgeoning home library and craved fresh material, so everyone got a library card, and a book bag, and we made weekly treks to our public library.

That had been my plan for this summer as well- complete the summer reading program, attend educational workshops/events- but with all of the closures, I had time to lament the inaccessibility of the public library, and spend time evaluating my homeschool and spiritual goals.

And what do you know, my newsletter from LifeWay popped into my email inbox with information on their summer reading program.

I read through it and checked out their recommended reading list and I decided that it met both my goals to give my kids new reading material AND impart Christian spiritual principles. So I ordered the books and we received the first of 2 shipments yesterday. There are recommended reading lists of 6 books that are organized by age group.

I was thinking that the toddler books may be boring for my 5 year old reader, so I chose the toddler books for the 2 and 3 year olds and the grade 1-3 books for the 5 year old. There is a downloadable/printable journal that goes along with the books that acts to pull together what you’re reading into little lessons (grades 1-3, but my littles like to do everything big brother does so I fill one in for them also.) And so far, it has been a joy and success.

There are 6 lessons, and 6 books, which amounts to 1 book per week all summer. So it’s not intense, but more supplementary to whatever else you have going on and I think that keeps it from being overwhelming. I’m really enjoying them so far.

Today, we made “Give” jars as the activity for session 1 on giving cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). It opened up conversation about God’s plan for wise money management and discussion about tithing.

Pondering how to decorate his Give Jar- he ended up choosing more foam stickers.

We counted what was in each child’s savings jar (which we start for each kid about the time they’re old enough to earn change by helping out, i.e. picking up sticks in the yard, extra chores, things not typically expected of them as chores– we don’t pay for regular chores, chores are expected responsibility; their contribution to our family) and I had them take out 10% of what was in their jar. That differed with each kid and ranged from 16 cents to $1.35.

They put the tithe into the “Give” jars they decorated. My 5 year old sat looking at his jar and said, “Woah, look how much God lets me still keep! He doesn’t ask for very much. That’s very generous.” 😆

These financial principles of give, save, live are really simple for kids to grasp, especially when you show them tangibly how it works. For my kids, they aren’t put off by tithing because we’ve taught them that 1) money is a tool 2) God owns everything anyway 3) He let’s us keep more than He asks that we give- which even the 5 year old grasps is generous.

Additionally, their summer reading titles are on sale right now.

So for all those reasons, I support and encourage you to check out LifeWay’s summer reading program as it may help you with making your time with your kids even more fruitful this summer.(And no, I’m not a paid LifeWay spokesperson 😃)

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