Campfire Day

I so needed a day like today.

So often as a homeschool mama, I get caught up in the “to-dos” and I get so overwhelmed by what urgently needs my attention that I forget to enjoy living life!

That’s what we focused on today- just living life and enjoying it.

We decided to have a campfire day.

After we finished our morning chores, we got a fire going outside, and started to work on hickory nut “coffee”. Really, it’s a decoction of mashed hickory nuts/shells. And it’s soooooo tasty- if you could drink the Autumn season, I’m fairly certain it would taste like hickory nut coffee.

Then I got out an air mattress because I why not? And we had throw pillows and a snuggly blankey and we just spent the afternoon and morning lounging and resting and I told the kids stories of our family history- how I met their daddy, the story of how he proposed, the stories of their births…

And I just felt as if THESE are the moments (but as Debi Pearl writes “there are no neutral moments” with children) that really matter in the lives of my kids. Enjoying them as companions, bonding over our family’s story and building our own family culture. This is us. This is our “E troop,” to borrow a family term.

The youngest two went down for a nap around 1:30, and I got to spend time with the older two just singing, talking, reading and being silly. It was such a blessing. And it made me truly grateful for these joy-filled moments.

I want to make the most of my time here with my children. Because it is so brief! And that’s part of what makes it so valuable- it’s limited, therefore, it’s precious.

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