Meet our newest additions!

We officially have a pair of barn cats.

Lets just go ahead and set the record straight- I’m not a cat person.

I don’t dislike them, I just feel toward cats the way I assume they feel toward me, which is to say, I may nod in acknowledgement of their existence, and then carry on about ny business. I nothing them.

But, my husband was cleaning out our garage and saw… Unwelcome rodent occupants. So… I found two cats to help us out with that.

One of the animal shelters around here has a “barn cat” program. Which basically means they take in feral litters and fully vet them, rabies, spay/neuter, make sure they’re negative for FIV and Felv, then they adopt them out for free to good homes to be outdoor, or barn cats.

So we took a little field trip to the animal shelter. The kids didn’t get to go inside because of the covid rules, but we did get to see and say hello to several different dogs.

Of course my daughter got car sick on the way home…every time.

So we had to stop and take care of that, pick up a bit of cat food (it’s way less expensive than I realized!) And then we headed back home.

We’re allowing them to acclimate to our animals while still in the carriers, and God and cats willing, I’ll put their collars with rabies tags on them before letting them out to go do their thing.

We have an orange male tabby

And a gray female tabby

We haven’t named them yet, but I’m leaning toward Harry Potter characters for names. I figure I’ll let my husband name them since that’s kind of his thing- he’s the name guy.

2 thoughts on “Meet our newest additions!

  1. We were not cat people either, but had a cat show up at our barn a few years back. It quickly endeared itself to us by greatly reducing the mice population in the barn. The only bad thing is sometimes it leaves regurgitated dead mice in the barn hallway as gifts. I vote for “Luna” for the gray female tabby (she was my favorite harry potter character).

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    1. Yes!
      I haven’t set eyes on either cat since they were released for duty… My oldest son is super sad. Hopefully we’ll glimpse them around.

      Luna is actually the name of our favorite milking doe! So that one is already taken.


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