What’s on the Needles? Project Update

Well here it is, December 12, and I’ve completed 1 of 5 Christmas gift knitting projects. I’m dangerously close to finishing my oldest son’s scarf, and it’s going a bit faster than the others because of the guage and yarn I’m using.

I’m a shade over halfway done.

My daughter’s scarf is taking a little longer as I had to go back and fix some mistakes in it. I’d somehow added an extra stitch directly in the center and it had a neat little hole. But, after some diligent frogging, I’ve mended that issue and it’s back to progressing normally. The gauge and yarn are a bit smaller, so it’s more stitches per inch.

The purpley yarn would actually make some really comfy socks, it’s super duper soft and reasonably durable. That may be my next project with it.

And my youngest son’s intarsia scarf is… The bane of my existence. I can’t just knit furiously until my needles catch fire like I’ve been dojng with the others in stockinette stitch because of the color changes. And it throws off my rhythm. But- it has been fun learning (and butchering) the new color technique.

Now for my FINISHED project- 1st ever finished knitting project I might add- my husband’s hat.

I really like how it turned out. It’s surprisingly stretchy, as I was told k2p1 would be. And my handspun border collie yarn behaved better than expected! So all around, it was a pleasant project! And it has sentimental value.

Now off to milk the goats and feed the chickens so I can get back to my knitting asap!

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