Cabbage-Busting Sewing Projects

I’m in the process of moving my sewing paraphernalia to our basement and setting up my workspace downstairs. This gets complicated in several respects:

1) I have 4 children to work around and very little time where my eyeballs can be otherwise engaged away from them.

2) Our basement is semi-leaky because we can’t figure out how to program our dehumidifier for continuous drainage into our sump pump.

3) The lights have not been rewired and installed since we tore everything out summer 2019, so I only have natural light to work by.

4) I have a LOT of fabric scraps.

So, as a means of killing 2+ birds with one stone, I’m trying to use the more scrappy bits of fabric so there’s less to carry downstairs, and in the process, make some cute handmade gifts for people.

1st up were fabric gift wraps!

I’d show pictures, but that may spoil some surprises. They’re pretty, trust me.

I had leftovers of batik fat quarters and decided they were perfect for small gift wraps. I hemmed the raw edges and used some decorative stitching on the solid colored one. It turned out pretty well, infant interference notwithstanding. Baby Bear’s teeny hands love to grab and pull the fabric right out of the machine.

With some other mid-sized scrappy fat quater bits, I decided to give the kids a project of mini-teddy bears.

It was a little ambitious for them, but it kept them quiet and busy for at least an hour. And that alone was worth it.

As a token of my appreciation, I’ll probably finish the mini-teddys for them as their Christmas gifts.

I have a few left over scrappy bits from holiday coasters I started last year. I turned them into rustic wreath ornaments!

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