Kitchen Remodel: Sink Progress Part 2

I swear my biceps and shoulders are twice the size they were when I started these kitchen renovation projects. My elbow is just about out of grease.

[Elbow related side note: I was playing soccer with my boys and they insisted on mama being keeper. I got an awesome save but my elbow landed on a stick. Note to self- clear the playing field of sticks first next time and remember I’m not 18 anymore.]

So I got my handy-dandy “not-a-sawhorse” set up and scraped all the dirt off the sink

Then I scrubbed ‘er down really good with baking soda and blue dawn- because I didn’t have any commet

And then I completed the etching portion of the bathworks kit

Wowza. I’m pretty impressed with the Bathworks kit so far. We ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website so they have a lot more options available as far as the etching and color options go.

Now it’s rainy and time for dinner so I’ll get started on the next steps probably Monday. I’m still waiting on the fawcet and drain I ordered to arrive, so once they get here, we’ll be ready to gut the kitchen and get the floors in so we can reinstall the new sink and cabinets.

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