The Good, The True, The Beautiful

I’ll be honest friends- I’ve had a really difficult spring/summer.

To combat the awful, I’ve been throwing myself in to whole heartedly pursuing that which is good, true, and beautiful. Specifically, I’ve immersed myself in prayer and God’s Word. I’ve listened to beautiful music, I’ve read wonderful books, and I’ve done a lot of crafting things. Here’s a peek at what has come from this season of trials:

I made a ragdoll, and she’s super cute.
I finished a dress (with pockets)
The hollyhocks bloomed. Probably one of my favorite cottage garden blooms.
I thrifted a pretty little button tin

I also thrifted some taper candle wall sconces which I find overwhelmingly charming.

And I’ve organized our laundry room and Mason jar/food storage shelf

Organized laundry system!
Food storage/ canning shelf

And I’m still in the process of unpacking my kitchen and doing more “little at a time” jobs in there. Right now, I have 1 four foot counter top, BUT, my husband hooked up the dishwasher last night. So that’s a positive.

I’ve got the materials to build the cradle for the new sink, so all that is left is to build it and slap it all in place, so to speak.

I’ve been tidying the gardens with unsolicited yet extremely welcome help from my older 2 children. That’s been wonderful.

Alliums and crucifers
Happy cukes interplanted with sunflowers

It’s been a lot of hard work, but I praise God that I feel well enough to do the work, because last year I just wasn’t there with availability or opportunity. I’m operating as best I can with several unknowns up in the air. But aren’t we all, always? How many people can honestly at any given moment honestly say, yeah everything is exactly as I’d like it, and I’m not specifically having to trust God for anything in particular? Not many. And if they are saying things like that, I’d wager the next trial is not far off. Because that’s just the reality of life in a fallen world.

And until/unless Jesus comes back, I’ll keep striving to point myself and everyone around me to Him through the good, the true, and the beautiful.

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