Book review: Help, I’m Drowning!

I had a blessed opportunity to be a part of Sally Clarkson’s launch team for her new book, Help, I’m Drowning: Weathering the Storms of Life with Grace and Hope.

As a long-time fan of Sally’s work, an avid listener of her podcast Life with Sally, and an even longer-time follower of Jesus, I can say that this book is without question one of the most relevant, and needed books written in the last few years.

Sally Clarkson’s, “Help, I’m Drowning” is healing balm to a weary soul. The substance of the book is comprised of hard-won wisdom and life experience, but also and most importantly anchored by, Biblical truth. Throughout the book, Sally is able to comfort readers through the comfort she herself has received walking through the various trials and storms of life and consistently looking for the ways in which God’s goodness are on display, working for our good and sanctification through the Word of God.
“Help, I’m Drowning!” Is a well-written work of hope and encouragement that the reader can come back to again and again for Biblical perspective amidst the storms of life. Each chapter, punctuated by prayer and reflections, serves as a sort of lighthouse, pointing the reader toward Jesus Christ as the ultimate source of peace and hope in life.

Especially following the turbulent season of life my family experienced in the spring and summer of this year, Sally’s book resonated with me and the truth of the Gospel is clearly present. In all actuality, God is ever-present. Sometimes, in the midst of our storms, we simply need someone who is anchored in peace to point us back to the One who is Master over the wind and the waves, who speaks to our storm-tossed souls, “Peace, be still.”

Thank you, Sally Clarkson, for venturing out into those dark waters of life and equipping others to weather life’s storms resting in God’s grace, with the eternal and unfailing hope found in Jesus Christ.

You can find Sally’s book anywhere books are sold, or from her website:

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