Homestead Update

I’ve got folks coming in for a visit next week so I will try to do as much updating as I can in this week so that I can enjoy our guests next week.

First, our kitchen project is making incremental progress! The sink is finished being restored!


And after!

So when I brought the sink down to the basement to re-finish it and get rid of the bugs that had unfortunately dried themselves in the wet paint when I first completed it outside, I was having issues with the humidity causing the finish to crack and flake. And the self-leveling paint was really difficult to work with and not have drips I had to sand off.

So, I went back in to Bathworks’ website looking for a solution, and I found the same color paint in aerosols! The trade off is that it was technically for a bathtub, so it had built-in anti-slip surfacing, and dried more matte than I had initially wanted. But, no weird cracky-flaking, and it is smooth, though less shiny than I had originally expected.

The plus side, and what really has the matte effect growing on me is how brilliantly the faucet hardware pops against it. I special ordered the faucet from Kingston Brass and it is just my most favorite part of the kitchen. It’s beautiful. And it inspires me. AND! It is high enough to fill big pots, and if not my largest pots, at least pitchers I don’t mind carrying from sink to pot.

I’ve been fascinated by the history of our property since we purchased it, the family who began this neighborhood, the skill and craftsmanship that passed away with the patriarch and matriarch. And the loss of history makes my heart ache. So I’ve really been enjoying restoring this focal point piece for our farmhouse kitchen and watching history come to life. I was informed by my husband that “it’s not going in tonight” as he has to work this evening, but- we’ve made progress. And every little bit gets us closer to having not only a functional but beautiful space for me to serve my family.

In animal news, we’ve had some rainy days for the first while in about 2 weeks so the goats have been stuck in the barn, and the Chickies have been lamenting the mud. We currently have the chicks in the rabbit tractor until we finish their new hoop coop (which my husband actually decided against finishing in favor of spending time reading to the kids since they haven’t seen him as much lately- golly I love that man!) So we have some sticks makeshifted into roosting perches for them and they’ve been taking advantage of them.

The bunnies are doing well, much more active since the weather cooled down. We are currently deciding whether or not we want to breed this winter, since our area has very mild winters, and we expect the babies to do well, or if we’d rather just wait until spring. By all observation, our youngest doe is at or very near her adult weight and should handle kindling well. But first we’d have to get the chicken coop done and get the chicks out of our rabbit tractor. One step at a time.

She really is a snuggly bunny

We are set to pick up straws for AI with the goats around the Thanksgiving holiday. Not my ideal, but it’s the last stop in our state this year. And I really can’t see driving to Florida should we miss it. So, I’m giving the situation to God. If we can’t get it together for whatever reason, I don’t know what our plan is at this point. Possibly borrow a friend’s buck if we’re able, and just cut our losses with the unregistered kids, sell what we can…? I’m making this up as I go. As it says, “A man plans his way but the Lord determines his steps.” So. God will be faithful to let me know what to do.

Homeschooling is going really well this year with Sonlight.

It’s been really great having the support of Sonlight Cares and the various online components to help with teaching suggestions, organizational helps, and things like that. It’s also been really fun to bounce ideas off some friends of mine who’ve started homeschooling this year! It’s turned into an awesome support community that I couldn’t have planned for. God is so kind.

I’m setting aside all of my spare time to clean and prepare for company next week, as that’s harder than you’d think with 4 kids under 7. Especially when things like this happen and then you have to spend 2 hours cleaning out the oven and staying outside while the smoke dissipates from the house…

Plus side, I tested the New-to-me recipe BEFORE I made it for my guests, and I now know there’s a reason for the specified 9×13″ pan, even though the batter certainly doesn’t look like it needs a 9×13″ pan. It poofs much more than expected. Noted.

I’m frantically trying to clean and prepare my sewing/fiber crafting area in the basement to house new machines, tables, and yarns, because I’ve kept having things come up and saying, “it’s fine, I have time…” and now my grandpa is coming NEXT WEEK with oodles of sewing goodies and I’m behind in my preparation… what’s new? I’m always behind in something. Thank God for His grace! So that’s all I’ve got going on for now, and it’s plenty to be getting on with! I’ll be back after my week of visits with more project and fall garden updates.

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