Making Christmas Gifts with the Children: A “Stuffy” Ball

I decided to have the kiddos draw names to make gifts for each other this year. I told them they could draw, paint, color, sculpt, sew- whatever they’d like to do.

My oldest got my youngest’s name and was pondering out loud, “What can I make her that she won’t just break?…I got it! A stuffy ball!”

“Stuffy” is the term we use for all types of stuffed animals. “Stuffies” of course being the plural form.

So, he asked me to help him with a template (he’s 6, btw) so I sketched one out, he chose a fabric, cut it, and started whip stitching it together.

The other kiddos haven’t quite decided what to make for one another yet, but I’ll obviously be around to help inspire and encourage them to be creative and resourceful.

I really am enjoying how much joy and effort they’re putting into the process. It’s going to make for a fun Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Making Christmas Gifts with the Children: A “Stuffy” Ball

    1. Thank you! It really is accomplishing what I’d hoped for in encouraging selflessness in each kiddo, and being a source of joy.


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