Quick Projects

So my pre-baby checklist includes a lot of things my husband will probably deem frivolous and unnecessary, so I’m doing them myself.

In fact, they are neither frivolous, nor unnecessary, but rather multifunctional in saving my sanity as well as bringing order and beauty to various spaces in our home.

First up was cleaning out my book nook so that it could be pressed back into service for quiet time. As you can see in these photos, it had become a dumping ground for furniture we weren’t quite ready to toss out, unused project materials, and whatever else we needed tucked out of the way.

Tea time with Baby Bear is adorable… But the mess on the top left corner? Not so.
Mess, mess, mess.

So I moved all the stuff and vacuumed up all the fireplace ash that children had dumped from my collection bucket for the garden, and I started restoring the old chest of drawers to repurpose it into shelving.


And the shelf that had been in the living room before got moved to the book nook.

Shelf, top left
Revamped, functional book nook

The older two kiddos spent quiet time in the nook today reading, drawing, and listening to instrumental music while the younger two napped. It was glorious to have that bit of peace and quiet back, and to think that all it took was creating the space for it.

And I’m well pleased with the changes. All the eye sores have been tidied up and all loose materials put away in the basement (mostly) and I’m resting now from clean up, as I started having some intense Braxton Hicks contractions, which usually hit me starting around 18-20 weeks, so right on schedule…yay…

Now is the fun part- sitting and enjoying the tidy, orderly spaces.

2 thoughts on “Quick Projects

  1. That looks great. How creative that was to turn the dresser into another book and paper organizer, that is perfect for homeschooling too. I too am in the process of trying to tidy up my clutter plies in our home. Clutter piles are so easy to make when you are a busy mom.

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    1. Yes! I know clutter piles well. Even when I do get them tidied up, it seems the spot they occupied is forevermore known as the pile place.


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