Homestead Update: Restless

I had forgotten what it’s like to be pregnant and allergy-ridden through the spring/summer. I don’t recommend it.

I don’t think I’ve been able to breathe freely without a foot digging into my ribcage or congestion and itchiness in at least 2 weeks. And trying to stay away from OTC allergy medications means I’m sticking to herbal teas and tinctures for relief. Which, on the one hand, I love their efficacy, but I do NOT love how short-lived the doseage’s effectiveness is. I’m missing my 24-hour allergy relief, and decongestant/expectorant. This too shall pass.

Anyway, because of all of that physiological stuff going on and the fact that my husband was awakened at 2:40am by the tickly creepy crawling of a tick near his armpit, and since I had to go to the bathroom anyway, he elected to change the sheets which just completely obliterated all hope of me falling back asleep. Why he couldn’t just pull off the tick and go back to sleep, or suffer in silence until a reasonable hour is beyond my sleep-deprived mind to comprehend.

So, I got up, made coffee, and read 1 &2 Peter a couple times (part of my inductive study homework for small group), washed the dishes, did some laundry, banded some kid clothes– sidenote, a fellow mom of many littles clued me in to this method of clothing storage for kids and I am forever indebted to her. It’s been a lifesaver mom-hack.– and baked some soda bread for breakfast, which consisted of peanut butter and banana toast with vanilla yogurt.

Banded outfits

And since my chores were done for the day by 5:30am, I elected to start Easter dresses for my girlies. I have a wonderful pattern that is super easy, made even easier by my baby lock wave serger, so hemming the bottom of the skirt was a breeze. I’ve finished the 2T “Twirly dress” except that my daughter’s toddler head wouldn’t fit through the neck hole, so I’ve got to adjust that, add some neckline trim, and keyhole/button. I’ll finish that at nap and my oldest daughter’s dress should be a cinch now that I’ve already troubleshooting-ed… troubleshooted… troubleshot? 🥱 Since I’ve already adapted the pattern once today.

It’s kinda damp and rainy, so I’m not doing anything in the gardens, just enjoying that full moon and the success of having planted all my early crops on schedule! Loving my homestead management binder. And especially the garden management notebook–If you haven’t downloaded a copy yet, make sure you do so while we’ve got it listed for FREE! Just visit our farm store, click on the garden management notebook listing, then click the button to “email to order” and we’ll send you the PDF file. 😊 Easy peasy.

Hope everyone has a blessed Resurrection Sunday!

It’s about time for a nap.

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