I’ve hit a period of urgency in my nesting. I’ve been saying the whole 2nd and 3rd trimester that it feels like Baby is coming early. She’s dropped significantly in 24 hours, and while I sensed this would be the case, I’m still not totally prepared. So, because we’re done with school, and I don’t physically feel up to weed eating today, I’m doing all I can inside.

This, ladies and gents, is a newly leveled countertop. It’s the little things, right? The counters needed cleaned and oiled, so I took the liberty of squaring things up a bit as well. Nothing like a stationary egg on a countertop. No more *spwict!* sounds as it rolls off into the floor.

Everyone started coughing and sneezing when we moved the items off the counters so I assume it was horrifically dusty and needed to be cleaned desperately, and hopefully we’ll all have fewer allergens irritating us now.

I also took the crib front off my 2yo’s crib. She was climbing in and out on her own anyway, and even with carpet, I figured it would be safer for her to just convert it to its toddler bed form. It is a bittersweet moment as a mama, to realize your baby isn’t a baby anymore, but a walking, talking, toddler girl. I love her so! And she loves her “new” bed.

I moved the baby cradle out of the girls’room and into the master bedroom so that it can be prepped and waiting for baby’s arrival. I have to address the piles of laundry all over the house before I can really get it into it’s home space. But for the time being, it frees up some space in the girls’ room. I’m not going to try moving the sheet of OSB out of their room- that’s a husband task, right there.

All the beds were stripped, cleaned, and fresh linens were put on! I love clean sheet day. I haven’t done a whole-house sheet day in a while, because it’s been more of an “as needed” when someone has an accident. But while I’m getting everything else cleaned and ready, why not sheets?

My kiddos really want a trip to the library, but I’m not feeling much up to driving, and with as low as baby is sitting, I’d hate to go into labor on a bumpy, East Tennessee back road. So instead, I filled the partially completed sandbox I’ve been building with my oldest.

The last bit of woodworking that needs done are cutting eight 4×4 pieces about 6″ tall for the 4 corners, and 4 sides, cutting grooves in them with the new table saw (which my husband is still setting up in the basement), attaching them to the frame, and then sliding in the pallet wood slats; I drew my inspiration for it from a raised garden bed plan.

They’re loving it, and so am I, because that means mama gets all 4 kids in one contained area, and can just sit and watch them play (Mama takes up too much space right now in the sandbox to play with everyone 😂)

We finished reading the Hobbit as a family last week. My youngest son (with his father’s sense of humor) has been reenacting various scenes from the book. At breakfast the other day, it went something like this:

Youngest Son: aww, how come I’m always served last? I’m like poor Old Bombur… at least I’m not the oldest and fattest.

Oldest Son: nuh-uh, Mama’s the last one served- she’s Bombur!

Youngest Son: you’re right! Mom’s Bombur! (She is the oldest and fattest…)

Followed by raucous laughter from everyone in the room. What can I say? At least he’s honest. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 We’ve got time to develop his tact.

For quiet time, I wiped down all the small kitchen appliances and did a much needed “deep clean” there. And my oldest I set to the task of painting some drawers my father-in-law had converted into hanging shelves for me. I plan to put one in the kitchen, and one in my bathroom. I’d put them ALL in the kitchen, except that I have a stunning mirror coming, (more on that in a second) and it needs the wall space above my countertop. Once all that is done, I plan to finish up the master bathroom floor. This is a bit of a challenge in that we’ve hit the season in which our female border collie becomes a “tub-sitter” and she’s constantly in and out of our bathroom to lay down on the cool tub surface. Which means I can expect an abundance of black doggy hairs stuck to the fresh caulking around the edge of the tub. and floor.

If I sit any longer to write this post though, I’ll end up taking an unintended nap, so off I go!

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