Summer Workshop Series 2022: Episode 2

Episode 2 of our Summer Workshop Series is LIVE!

Find all the workshop resources and links on our farm website, Here

Also, Congratulations to our first Giveaway winner! You should have received an email from us with details on claiming your prize! We have carefully selected for you a jar of our SMH Build-your-own loose leaf herbal tea, your choice of 1 of 3 flavors: Classic Peppermint, Farmstead Floral, or Raspberry-Peach Leaf. We’re also throwing in a tin of our homemade comfrey salve, and a Shaggy Maple pin! Thank you for your listening support of our podcast!

Giveaway #1- Herbal Tea, Comfrey Salve and SMH pin

To enter for our next giveaway, tune in to Episode 2 of the Summer Workshop Series, and visit our farm website, to subscribe to our email list!

God bless, and Happy Independence Day!

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