Updates and SMH Sales!!

It has been a while!

So much is going on in my family, it seems like the wisest decision I’ve ever made to take a blogging/podcasting hiatus.

I do have a couple of announcements!

First- I do plan to release the remaining two podcast episodes in the summer workshop series, just as soon as I can get to them. I had recorded Low Cost Livestock, and suffice it to say, my post-partum thoughts were a jumbled soup of hormones and baby blues, so I trashed it and decided to start over once the fog had lifted …then my grandma passed away. It’s always something, right? But I’m doing alright and healing from all the things, and I think I’ll be good to go in a few more weeks. I’m going to lay low during the holidays and pick up in the new year, God willing. For now, that is my plan. To those of you who have called about livestock, I’m sorry I haven’t had the bandwidth to call you back! So hang with me- I’m prioritizing family over things. 🥰

Second- We will be running a holiday sale in our farm shop from November 15th-December 15th! I have a lot of odds and ends left over from craft shows, and I’m needing to make space in my inventory storage for new things. I will do a post when the sale is live, and send out reminder emails, so if you haven’t subscribed to our email newsletter yet, go ahead and do that here, or follow the blog to stay with us.

Third, due to a hiccup in my attention span, I missed deactivating the renewal for this blog…so… I’m still on WordPress for now. Our blog will be moving to www.shaggymaplehomestead.com/blogs over the next 6 months. A lot of the faith/parenting/homeschooling content will be converted to podcast format, so you can find us on Spotify, or Buzzsprout. I have a lot of exciting content to share with you all, and I’ve filled countless notebooks with ideas. At this point in our homesteading journey, we have learned so much by trial and error, I am excited to share that experience with you, so get ready! It’s coming back at you at the first of the year, again, Lord willing.

Fourth, I will be doing more scheduled posts. Before I’ve always blogged as the whim hit me. That’s not sustainable with 5 children, 4 goats, 20 chickens, and oodles of bunnies. So I will be revamping how I approach blogging and podcasting as a creative outlet as well as a source of encouragement and ministry. Because God is not a God of disorder, but of peace!

Fifth- remember when I went on a planner rage?

Well, I promised myself that I would do something about it. And that something is manifesting itself as a prototype of a planner that works for me. I’m in the brainstorming phase of playing around with layouts, color pallets, and structure/layouts and I can’t wait to walk you through this project with me!

And I’d love your feedback! Once I get a feel for how I’d like it to look, and I can spend time on the finer design elements, like fonts, colors, graphics, etc. I shall post pictures and open up a preorder on our farm website. My goal time frame is to start taking preorders in spring 2023, and launch the planners (digital and/or hard copy) by June 2023, in time for some summer planning for the coming school year!

Speaking of planners on our farm website, make sure you check out the sales for our digital download files of our Homestead management binder as well as our Garden Planner (included in the full homestead management planner, or can be purchased as a stand alone digital item)

That’s all I’ve got for now as I have a birthday to celebrate with my oldest daughter as soon as she wakes from her afternoon beauty sleep session!! (Aka, not a nap, because “six year olds are too old for naps, mom!”) 😉

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