Early Christmas: Big ‘Ol Cast-iron Cooking

Y’all, my husband is the best gift giver, ever. He takes after his Mama. He knows exactly what I’d like, use, need, enjoy, and always no matter how hard I try, he always out-gives me 😉

I managed to schedule a date night for us that coincided with our church hosting a parent’s night out. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten what it was like to go out on a date with my husband! What do we do? Didn’t really have time for a movie, and we’d already done Christmas shopping. We haven’t been out since our 3rd was 2 months old! (He’s gonna be 5 in February 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️) So we went out to a nice steak dinner with Baby #5 in tow, while the rest of the kiddos had a fun night with their friends from church.

It was so nice to eat a meal- that was still hot!- that I did not have to cook myself, AND there was no crying or diaper soiling during dinner. What a blessed reprieve to enjoy a meal while staring into the eyes of my beloved, and cooing and gooing over our teeniest girl (whom the waitress presumed was our first baby, and was quite flabbergasted when we told her she’s our fifth.)

We finished our dinner and ran some practical errands, and then arrived back at church to pick up our other kiddos (30 minutes early, because like I said, what’s a date anyhow?) And we got home and tucked everyone up in bed.

As I was preparing to do our evening barn checks, I noticed a something – two somethings- on the stove top. I looked at my husband and asked, “Ummm…what’s allllll this?!?” 😲😆 He smirked casually, as is his way, and said, “What’s what?” The scoundrel.

So of course, I spent the next day seasoning my two new Lodge pans, one 15″, and one 17″ so that I could break it in making a deep dish pizza. I’m somewhat apologetic about being an Illinoisan by birth, but I will say there are 2 things Chicagoans got right- 1) Hot dogs, and 2) Deep dish pizza.

The ‘zah turned out AMAZING! and redeemed my portzah of a couple years ago… Long story, I’ll circle back around if I have time.

I’ve since made several meals in them, and I’m loving the extra space! I’d been overflowing and spilling or else having to cook in multiple pots/pans to feed my small battalion. This is much nicer. Today, I made baked pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and tomorrow will be Bs and Gs.

Baked pancakes 🥞

I’m excited to make Christmas dinner in them! For the first time, a turkey to feed our family won’t necessitate a large disposable pan. And I can only imagine what Yorkshire pudding will be like flavored by the castiron goodness. Mmm.

Once again, he’s out gifted me. Perhaps next year!

2 thoughts on “Early Christmas: Big ‘Ol Cast-iron Cooking

    1. Thanks! It was surprising – he’s my best friend and we were awkwardly looking at each other like, well… What next? 😆 Thanks for stopping by!

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