My Passion Project: Homeschooling Planner


That’s my excited to announce sound. You’re welcome for not recording it audibly.

I am beyond excited to have finally made some progress in this passion project of mine that first became a twinkling of an inkling back in the summer of 2022. My prayer is that this planner becomes for you an indispensable tool in your arsenal for homeschooling and time management, and enables you to conquer the foes of idleness, aimlessness, and disorganization.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Homesteaders and Homeschoolers, I am pleased beyond measure to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders for our Homeschooling Planner!

I have been working on this particular endeavor for the better part of 7 months, and most of that work was done in my mind as I was awake at all hours of the night snuggling a newborn and dreaming about her future.

For your consideration, I have included a number of FAQs, and if you think of something I have not addressed below, feel free to leave it in the comments, and I will be happy to answer any comments, questions, or concerns.

To place your pre-order and secure free shipping on one of a limited number of printed copies, head on over to our farm website

We thank you in advance for choosing to partner with us in this endeavor! It has truly been a joy to work on and I look forward to sharing the fruits of that labor with each of you!

Homeschooling Planner FAQs

1) Why a homeschool planner?

We strive to honor God in ALL we do on the homestead – that includes the education of our children and the management of our time and resources. This great endeavor necessitates intentionality and detailed planning to meet our goals of Christ-centeredness, successful time management, and holistically educating each child on an individual basis, as well as together as a family. We created this planner as a tool to be used with the big picture in mind, and hope that it will enable you to lay out and reach your own homeschooling goals.

2) How can I know if this homeschool planner is right for me?

Take a peek inside, of course! We have samples of each page layout available through the link below. We aren’t trying to sell you one more thing you don’t need! We want you to be confident that this planner will help you to manage your homeschool efficiently, and with faith as the primary motivation. (Note that Bible Reading Plan is not pictured in the preview- but will be in both the digital and printed versions)

To view a 10 page sample of our planner pages, follow this link here.

3) What is the difference between the disc bound printed version and the digital version?

The only difference between the two planners is how it ships to you. Both layouts are identical. The printed disc bound planner ships to you with your pages pre-punched, and includes a translucent poly cover, and a set of 11 plastic discs with which to secure your planner. The digital download will be emailed to you in a PDF format for you to print and bind at your own leisure, by your own method- be it your own set of discs, or three ring binder, or staples, or whatever other creative means you can concoct!

4) How many individual student’s plans can this planner accomodate?

Right now, the maximum number of students this particular layout can accomodate is 5. I know that’s a big bummer for some of you with larger-than-mine families- HOWEVER, there are plans in the works to produce a Large Family edition of the planner,  at some point in the future, TBD. Until that time, I recommend purchasing a copy of the digital version, and printing duplicate pages as you need them to accomodate all of your students’ lesson plans, learning objectives, and benchmark goals.

5) How long do I have to place my pre-order for the printed copy?

The pre-orders will remain open for the first edition of the printed disc bound version of the planner from now (February 26) until March 31st. Following that, the print run will close and printed copies will not be available until a subsequent run is scheduled. BUT! have no fear- the digital version will remain available for you to purchase and download directly from our farm store. Planners are set to ship and the digital version set to be emailed out by mid to late May 2023!

To place your preorder for either a digital, or disc bound printed copy of the planner, follow this link to our farm store, here.

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