It Is Well From the outside of our situation, one would think it is horrible. And that's understandable. I have a hard time making sense of things myself- we pay all our bills, my husband has a good job, we pray over every decision before we act, and yet somehow, in spite of all those things, we … Continue reading It Is Well

A PickleĀ 

"Please don't use my hair to climb the sofa," were the first words I said as I began to type this post... sorta sums up the emotions of the day: uncomfortable, annoying, and frustrating. We had the home inspection on the (hopefully) future homestead. While most of the information I was given I already knew … Continue reading A PickleĀ 

Baby #2 is a… ?

Before I get to the exciting part, the "gender reveal," I'll tell you all a little story, 'cause blog. So with our first child, a son, we initially elected not to find out the gender until baby was born. Because in the words of my grandpa, "If God had wanted you to know ahead of … Continue reading Baby #2 is a… ?