A Clean Bunny is a Happy Bunny

I like my house to be in order. Order is a relative term for me though, because I’m really not organized enough to put everything back in the same place every time.

As that pertains to a bunny, I’m sort of struggling. A rabbit is a rodent. It just is. If you shaved it, it’d look like a long eared rat… That said, I want to make sure Maggie stays clean and healthy in her best interest and that of my whole family.
I haven’t quite found the right rhythm in cleaning out her cage. Paper bedding shreds end up all over the floor and a cloud of hay hangs in the air and my eyes and nose start dripping. Meanwhile, Maggie either hides frightened behind a box or cleverly escapes my attempted retaining measures. So then I have hay, bedding, and poop all over the place and a startled nervous bun hopping about the house.

Having squeezed under my baby gate


While my methodology isn’t down pat yet, I have found products that work and that me and Maggie like. My husband works as a veterinary assistant so he gets discounts through work on all our animal food and care products. Maggie gets Oxbow Esssentials young rabbit pellets and both compressed and loose hay to eat. This way we are able to give our animals higher quality food (and bedding and hay in Maggie’s case) than we could afford if we bought it in a store. Generally speaking, getting supplies from your veterinarian is always a better deal in my opinion because they can get higher quality prescription food in larger amounts and for more reasonable prices than you would pay for something like Blue Buffalo dog food at a specialty pet supplies store. Your animals are only as healthy as the food you feed them (the same applies to people) so in my opinion, it’s worthwhile to invest in their diet and not to have to spend that money plus more on expensive medical care.
To clean and sanitize her litter box and crate, I mixed some distilled white vinegar with a few drops of lemon essential oil. It smells good, it’s all natural, and non-toxic. I’ve been using Oxbow natural bedding only in her litter box to reinforce that the box is the only acceptable place for pottying. So far, so good. The floor of her crate I have lined with free newspapers that are available at all our grocery stores and most public places in town. I picked up a couple at the gym this morning to replenish my stock.
Healthy animals don’t have to be expensive animals as long as you put the appropriate amount of time and energy into maintaining a clean and healthy habitat for them.

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