Cleaning Day

If there's one thing that is inescapably true of life with small children, it's that there is always something that needs cleaning. Whether it's laundry, floors, or the children themselves- there's always something to be cleaned. Today, I happened to look up at our light in the dining room and noticed the abysmal state of … Continue reading Cleaning Day


Over Wintering our Chickens

We've had some below freezing temps. As such, our concerns for the chickens are 3 fold: There are a couple going through a molt, so they lack feathers for body heat retention. Their water has been freezing. There's less sunlight and they aren't laying as prolifically as in the summer. The first issue of molt … Continue reading Over Wintering our Chickens

A Winter “Weekend” on the Homestead

Because of my husband's work schedule, we have our "weekends" on Monday and Tuesday. Weekends on the homestead are busy busy times for us. There are the usual tasks like animal care and taking care of the kids (which I hate to include in the tasks because it's not a "job" as much as a … Continue reading A Winter “Weekend” on the Homestead