Recent Seed Order


In my last post on seeds, I mentioned I had discovered a small, new (to me) seed company called MIgardener. In doing an inventory of my stored seeds, I found a few things that I needed to buy this year so I decided to give MIgardener a try.


I was surprised by how quickly the seeds shipped. I ordered last week and they arrived today so that means processing my order, sorting my seeds and packaging and shipping them to me only took about 6 business days. This is MUCH faster than my orders from Heirloom Seeds, but possible reasons for that could be the amount I ordered, or just the relative number of customers each business has. Either way, I was very happy and excited to see my order in the mail today.


Let’s talk about packaging. I absolutely loved the resealable baggies the seeds came in. I don’t always plant all of my seeds at one time and having a water proof sealed containment is much better for my style of gardening than the paper envelopes. Also the labels are excellent. They include the picture of the plant, name and approximate seed count and the year for which they were packaged. Having the year on the label is very important for knowing the viability and shelf life of your seeds. I can’t tell you how many envelopes of dill seed went unused because I didn’t label them with the year they were saved and they sat in storage too long. #1 take away- seeds have shelf lives of about 2 years, depending on storage conditions. Take inventory each season and know what you have that way you can plant seeds before they become unviable. They also included a couple business cards with their contact information and details on finding their gardening tutorial videos on YouTube

All in all, I’m super pleased with MIgardener and gladly recommend them to you. I ordered 10 packets of seeds and after tax and shipping, the order came to $13.64, which is incredibly affordable compared to the seeds sold at gardening centers or out of catalogues.

So, to show them my gratitude and to allow you  the opportunity to experience savings as well, I’m sharing a discount code with you! Use this code when you check out from their website, linked above. Happy Planting!


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