My Gardening Boo-Boos

Just a few words of wisdom coming from a place of having learned the hard way…


1) Inventory your seed storage early in January. Keep a log of the seeds you have saved and stored, the years you stored them, and approximate seed count. This will save you the heartache of thinking you  have, for example, pepper seeds when you don’t, thus delaying their scheduled indoor seeding.

2) Pay attention to what you’re doing. I purchased two bags of organically fertilized soil for my seedlings this year on a day when it was 75° outside in mid January. I then allowed myself to become distracted and ended up leaving the dirt in the trunk of my car for 3 weeks. Temperatures dropped back down in the 20s, and now my dirt is frozen, further delaying scheduled indoor seeding. It truly is a wonder I ever accomplish anything.

3) Stay organized. I have found that I go to extremes in this area of my life; if my house isn’t wallpapered with reminder post it notes, I am easily distracted and find myself half way completing 1,000 tasks and never actually finishing anything.



I have made it a point to create a “homesteading binder” thanks to the advice of Dirtpatcheaven. It has helped me tremendously. Also, I keep a calendar specifically for gardening/animal care so I can stay on top of scheduled plantings, grooming, etc. It’s helping, but I still have some bad organizational habits to break.

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