Valentine’s Day on the Range

My husband is an incredibly practical individual. Our Christmas gifts to each other usually consist more of needed items than wanted frivolities. For example, two years ago I got a food processor, which I’ve used almost on a weekly basics since. One year ago, I got new cookware that was suited to a smaller kitchen when we moved. This past year, we got each other ammo and a couple new firearms. Which brings me to today.
Technically, Valentine’s day is tomorrow, but we are celebrating early with one of our favorite pastimes: target shooting!
I have 2 firearms with which I am proficient. One is my p64 Makarov, 9x18mm pistol, the other is my Smith & Wesson J frame .38 special. Love them both for different reasons.

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You may be saying to yourself, “A shooting range? How is that romantic?” I shall tell you, my fine friend!
As a relatively  new mama and long-time tom-boy, I find that I neither have time to spend doing fun things for myself like I once could, nor am I interested in the typical “mommy dribble” most of my supposed peers would enjoy like talking about how little Jimmy is just the light of my life, or the condition of his most recent potty. Big who cares!!?? Not my jam. Love my son, can’t stand mommy talk.
So, to satisfy both those aspects of my personality as well as my occasional proclivity toward surliness, my husband takes me shooting!
This shows he loves me in several ways.
1) He caters to my personality. He doesn’t waste time or money on flowers that aggravate my allergies or chocolate that’ll make me feel like a fat kid for indulging in it.
2) He gives me “me” time. While it would be the ultimate testament to my skill and ability, I don’t really WANT to shoot with a baby on my offhand hip. So he takes baby, I get to make things go boom. Everyone wins…or I win…
3) He cares about my safety and well being. My husband loves that I am strong and independent. He also wants me to be able to defend myself should the need ever arise. By teaching me basic pistol safety and enabling me to have practice time on a range, he invests into my safety and that of our family.
4) I get to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights! I am a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the idea behind it being a part of our Constitution. Should the government ever become tyrannical, we the people should have the right to bear arms. Not only that, but if you’re going to bear them, you should be proficient and well-practiced in using them. Guns are not toys. There is great responsibility in owning and operating a firearm, and I take that seriously.
5) It allows him to “Be the man.” Wait- how does that mesh with the strong independent woman thing? By giving him something to teach me. As an EAS-ed Marine, he was and is quite skilled in pistol firing. Me enjoying the shooting range not only gives us a shared interest and something to talk about, but also allows me to fall into the role of a more biblically submissive wife in empowering him by allowing him to teach me. I love it!
So that’s what we’ll be doing this Valentine’s day, the otherwise mother of all non-holidays, probably perpetuated by our own lust and greeting card companies. 😉

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