Sowing Day

After a couple setbacks in my planning and preparation, I was finally ready to indoor seed my peppers today!

I put a folding table down in the basement to elevate my boxes off the floor. I chose  my basement near a southwestern facing window so that 1) they get some natural sunlight, and 2) I don’t have to leave my grow light on 24/7 which cuts down my electric bill, and 3) it’s a good 8° warmer down there than it is on the main level (we like the house around 65°- 68°F)


Warming up, 70° right now

I covered the boxes with plastic wrap to hold in moisture and heat for germination


I labeled them by cutting up an aluminum can. I have a lot of them sitting around waiting to be recycled.



I chose to start the plants in organic soil this year after not having much luck with the miracle grow stuff… I think it was over fertilized and it is spent after one growing season and doesn’t do much in compost.



Then I made sure to map my plant layout just in case something happens to the labels or table.

I planted jalapeños, cayenne pepper, and red, yellow, and coral bell peppers.

To plant the seeds, I filled the boxes mostly full, sprinkled in the seed, pressed them down to make good contact with the soil, and then covered them with a thin layer of soil on top. Then I watered them, and covered them with plastic wrap. We’ll see how soon they sprout!

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