The Testing

I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Karen Solomon at Integrative Health and Chiropractic in Morehead City, North Carolina. I had been referred there by my dear friend and mentor, Cindy, who had found much relief in seeing Dr. Karen.

I didn’t really know what to expect, other than that my insurance wasn’t going to cover any of it, but at this point, I would have paid anything to truly find out what was going on in my body and to fix it. I was given a large packet of information to fill out providing my family medical history, symptoms, past medications, etc. The difficulty lied in getting the family medical history. My family largely employs the “ignorance is bliss” method of healthcare; (which isn’t healthy at all) They ignore it until they’re virtually on their death bed and then wonder how and why their situation became so dire. Anyway, I learned through that ordeal that no one wants to tell the truth when it comes to medical issues. It sounds really good to say, “Health concerns? Nope, I’m healthy as a horse!”… when in reality there is uncontrolled high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic diarrhea, chronic depression, possible bi-polar disorder, and more. I also learned that what my parents told me as a child tended to alter a bit as I became an adult and asked more specific questions. As it turns out, I was not breastfed for the entirety of my infancy as I had previously thought. (This detail becomes more important later in the story) Numerous other things along those lines continued to pop up here and there, but eventually I was able to patch-work together a rough family medical history for myself.

When I got to I-H-C, I was shocked and awed that when I was asked a question, Dr. Karen actually LISTENED to my answer. I felt cared for as a human being and not as just another file folder on a clipboard as I did when I went to the Naval Hospital (I actually watched a doctor doodle cartoon characters on my chart once…In his defense, his depiction of stick figure me running was quite good) We went through the basics of my health complaints and each one was addressed holistically. We used a combination of kinesthetic muscle testing, or applied Kinesiology (which I’ll elaborate on in another post) and various other diagnostic tests including a comprehensive blood test.

Those tests revealed vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, extreme hormonal imbalance, and a whole host of allergies (upwards of 500 allergens were discovered) The first order of business was to address my diet. I had tested weak to gluten and all the grains I had eliminated as well as egg yolk, brewers yeast, and oats, but also found corn to be an allergen. So, I engaged in the mind-numbing task of eliminating corn in all its forms from my life. If you weren’t aware, corn is in everything from soap to ketchup. Everything from dextrose, maltodextrin, vitamin E (not from aloe vera), and so many others are all “pseudonyms” for things derived from corn. This elimination was made simpler by a desire to do so. About 3 weeks earlier, I had washed my hands after using the restroom at my home. I dried them on the towel hanging up and suddenly, the skin on my hands turned rashy and fire red, burning for a reason I couldn’t determine. I rinsed them in cool water trying to make the burning stop. The only conclusion I could make was that the soap I had used contained gluten and corn derived ingredients, and my husband had used the hand towel before me. The contact of those ingredients on my hands had triggered a topical allergic reaction. The sadistic nature of having allergies is that you tend to want to test things to see if it was a fluke or if there is actually an allergy there. I tested it; there was in fact an allergy triggered by using soaps containing anything with the prefix ‘methyl’ or ‘ethyl’- corn derivitaves. So all the offending toiletries were given to a friend who could use them without issue, and I restocked my bathroom with GF, organic, corn-free, natural alternatives.

In the results of the blood test, I was found to have a genetic marker for difficulty processing and using vitamin B, resulting in deficiency, as well as vitamin D deficiency. I was placed on nutritional supplements to make up for those deficiencies, and given a homeopathic detox. There were also methods I was not expecting and which seemed a little…peculiar… to say the least. I wasn’t familiar with Zyto scanning or the controversy that went along with it prior to my visit. I can say that I don’t have a horror story to tell about it. My experience was totally positive, though of course, for someone with more serious or lifethreatening illnesses, I would not trade the counsel and treatment of your regular doctor for this alternative method. PLEASE HEAR ME- lives have been lost because people didn’t seek professional care and treatment from their doctor for serious diseases such as cancer. This is not a replacement therapy; it is simply complimentary.

So my next appointment was three weeks later and the difference in my overall health was staggering. My seemingly chronic UTIs were gone. My bowel movements were normal. My teeth were healthy and the enamel was actually being restored (I’ll go over my methodology in another post). My hair was coming back in. I was starting to put weight on again! Through this entire ordeal from October 2012- April 2013, I had gone from weighing about 130 to 114. I was feeling strong again, and it was as if I could finally comfortably inhabit my body. My struggles certainly were not over, but relief was finally in sight.

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