Moving Maggie

I really wish I innately knew things about all the things I’m trying to learn. Miss Maggie Moo hasn’t been having “normal” bunny poops. For more info on that subject, check out this site. There are no signs of wool block or parasites, so my concern is mild.



So according to that aforementioned website, it looks like Maggie is
1) stressed out
2) possibly getting too much protein, or
3) transitioned into her current food too quickly
4) Her teeth may be bothering her causing her to eat less than usual


Suggested fat for a rabbit her size is 1% so this Oxbow feed is a bit higher, but realistically, it should be fine for her since she is under a year old (13 weeks)

Also, I’ve noticed discrepancies in how much people generally feed growing rabbits. The standard is unlimited grass hay (we use Timothy) and 1/2 cup of pellets.
I’ve also seen 1 ounce of food for each pound of body weight; so for Maggie just over 1/2c of pellets per day
I’ve also seen for rabbits under a year old, they should have access to unlimited pellets AND unlimited hay
So I’m sort of struggling with how much to feed her. She can definitely finish 1/2 c in one day, but will not finish a full 1 c scoop, so I’ve gone to 3/4c pellets daily and that seems to have her poo back up to normal sized.
But, it’s still slightly dark in color and moist instead of very dry. So that goes back to the protein conundrum, which I’ve determined is solved by the correct types of hay and percentages of protein in her pellets.
As far as her transition to Oxbow goes, she was eating promanna before and the owner only gave is about two cups worth so her transition did happen faster (1 week instead of 4) than it probably should have.



That’s why we decided to move Maggie from where she was in out office space to my yoga room.


Our reasons for doing so are because 1) it has a hardwood floor so I can sweep it clean instead of vacuuming, which stresses her out. 2) it has a door which can be shut so she has space to safely explore without doggies or baby startling her. 3) it should help distance her from the loud noises of doggies and baby that stress her out. Overall, it was an anti stress attempt. I will also be getting her some wooden toys to gnaw on should the issue be her teeth are bothering her. So far she seems much less skittish. We shall see how it works long term.

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