The Reset

Finally knowing what was wrong with my body gave me a foundation on which to build back my health. I was allergic to egg yolks, brewers yeast, corn, wheat, gluten and a whole host of environmental allergens, not the least of which were the azalea bushes that lined the walk in front of my house. In desensitizing myself to my allergens, I followed procedure based on the Zyto scanner and Chinese (? Maybe… don’t quote me on that, but there’s a system of alternative medicine which focuses on the medial nerve bundle right below and around the navel) alternative medicine in which vials of water are set with the frequency of the allergen, and then you lazer the vial into the nerves just below the navel. Theory states that this will integrate the frequencies into the nervous system, thereby desensitizing one to the allergy, much like an allergy shot would. Basically getting your body to vibrate at a higher frequency means more and better health overall.

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***DISCLAIMER*** People have depended upon this method of alternative (I prefer to call it supplemental) healing to treat severe anaphylactic allergic reactions to peanuts in children, with NO success, and children have died. I do not at all condone or support this; if you or your child have severe anaphylactic reactions to anything, seek professional medical attention in the diagnosis and treatment of those allergies as this method is supplemental and not a primary method of control. Prevention is the best medicine, and avoiding the allergy triggers altogether is the only sure way to avoid a reaction.*** This is in essence why I continue to avoid wheat and gluten and corn in my diet, because there’s really only one way to see if you’re still allergic to something and that’s to reintroduce it into the system. Seeing as the last time I tried this I had an anaphylactic reaction to corn-syrup via a  cross-contaminated soda fountain (one of the fancy computerized ones where all the beverages exited the same nozzle) I choose continued abstinence of those items.

So in spite of feeling absolutely ridiculous every time I “lazered” in a vial, I kept doing it. My husband teased me once saying, “Shouldn’t you be doing that outside around a bonfire, barefoot, whilst burning all your bras?” He joked, but he lazered vials for his seasonal allergies and the mocking (and snotting and sniffling and sneezing) stopped. This was only part of my reset though. I also incorporated the SCD Diet into my life to basically re-teach my body how to digest food, and to heal my intestinal permeability. Eventually, I was able to eat eggs again as well as enjoy the occasional glass of wine with no reaction, and my seasonal allergies all vanished….except for the azaelas…They had to go. What sense did it make to keep something around that only caused me harm? None. So we got out the mattock and went to town on those bad boys and yanked them out from the roots.

Before- azaleas lined the walk- pretty pink flowers!


12 cates court
After- No more pretty pink flowers, but also, no more little pink allergy pills.


Part of me felt bad because the previous owners of the house had spent time and effort and money giving the front of the house curb appeal and here I was undoing it all… but, that made way for 1) My allergen triggers to go away, 2) a sense of ownership over my home, and 3) an herb garden along the front walk.

The herb garden was the truly exciting portion of my healing journey because it put me in direct relationship with God’s creation. If you ever want to experience the power and might of Almighty God, look at a basil seed. It’s tiny. But it produces plants that can grow up to 4 feet tall! Wow! All of that information contained within a tiny little seed… I still marvel at the work that God has done in my life. Caring for my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit changed how I viewed food. I can’t dump sugar in my gas tank and expect my car to run. The same is true of my body. The over indulgence of processed carbohydrates and refined sugars had caused a systemic candida overgrowth in my body which was causing all the yeast infections. The imbalance of good gut-flora was leading to overgrowth of bad bacteria and urinary tract infections. Once I had balance in my diet and good bacteria in my intestines, I was able to fight off those infections and lead a healthy life for the first time in about 2 years.

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