Thriving Thursday: House work

I abhor cleaning. I love having clean things, I just hate having to make them that way. I’ve never been Snow White, whistling while I work, or Cinderella diligently doing my duty… And I’ve always been irked by the serious lack of help from woodland creatures. I have a rabbit but her fluffy buns sit fat and happy munching Timothy hay while I resentfully sweep up her poo… I’m gifted in other ways. So, I surfed the web for cleaning hacks and tips and I have to say, it was funny and humbling that the best tips and cleanest rooms belonged to young ladies at least a decade younger than me. What the crap?
I had flashbacks to high school- freshly vacuumed carpet, organized jewelry, clean laundry actually IN the dresser drawers, shoes neatly lining the closet floor, nick-nacks dusted… What happened? Why can’t I seem to keep a clean house anymore?
The answer was 3 fold.
First, I got married. This not only doubled the mess production, but this human being whose name I took and ring I wear has vastly different priorities in housework.
Secondly, I had a kid. My little one ransacks the house. He’s a kid, that’s his M.O. I expect him to do it with a smile on his face, and I let him so long as its not harming him or others because one day, he’ll be big enough to push a vacuum, and I’ll be old enough (God willing) to need MY diaper changed. BWAHAHAHAHA! Finally, my nail in the coffin was that I got overwhelmed. I moved while 9 months pregnant and then did a whole lot of nothing while I recovered- which took much longer than estimated by my doctors. Then postpartum anxiety set in and the thought of washing dishes overwhelmed me because I couldn’t get past this sheer volume of them to be completed, and worried about having time to finish them before the baby woke up so I just avoided them completely. Recently, the Proverbs 31 woman passage came to mind… “She oversees the affairs of her household and is never idle.” (Proverbs 31:27) #Fail on my part…
So, I followed the advice of these adorable teens and after a week, I’m much less embarrassed by the condition of my living quarters.

Chore chart
I made it through week one! šŸ™‚

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by chores, house work, or just kinda lazy like me, try some of these tips:
1.) Work from the top down- not only from tables to floors, but also from wide scope to detail. You can’t dust the entertainment center if it is piled high with loose DVD and Blu-ray discs. Put away the big things first, then save the detail work for later
2.) Rock out- Pandora plays while I clean. Lately I’m in to The Seatbelts and Ben Howard šŸ™‚ music makes cleaning go much faster
3.) Stick to one room- I abandoned my “If you give a mouse a cookie” style of ADHD cleaning for a more focused approach. Make a list! I got a white board for writing down my focus tasks, daily tasks, and weekly focus and it is on my fridge so I see it often and I have the satisfaction of erasing each task as I complete it (hard not to cheat and half way do things just to get to check them off the list).
4.)Partial obedience is disobedience, and delayed obedience is disobedience. So I modeled the behavior and self-discipline I want my son to see and follow and just did what needed to be done quickly and without procrastination or complaints.
Hope this helps you manage your own homestead and thrive, no matter it’s size or scope šŸ™‚ Happy Thursday!

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