Down the Rabbit Hole

Today was an adventure. As our family grows steadily closer to achieving our goal of having some acerage of our own to homestead, I’ve been feeling pressured, for lack of a better word, to purge our excess and scale back on our material items (specifically clothing) before we actually move.

So, in light of that thought process, I’ve been gathering items for a yard/moving sale, items for charitable donations, and just junk we need to throw away instead of moving another time. I allowed this to occupy the majority of my “free” time (baby’s nap time) and the household chores got out of hand. Mistake #1. So, I spent literally 2 hours cleaning my kitchen and washing dishes today. I also folded AND put away/sorted out three 71-Liter baskets full of clothing. 

As a reward for my overdue diligence, I shouldn’t have done anything, because doing my duty is precisely that- my duty and responsibility. But, mistake #2, I thought, “let’s take Teedle and Maggie outside!” Now my boy usually gets play time outside anyway so long as it’s not raining because he’s a boy and needs to burn off steam. But adding Maggie to our fun time I thought would be 1) fun for her, 2) fun for my son, 3) multifunctional since she could eat some outside grass/greens and I wouldn’t have to supplement as much with store bought organics. Wrong. On all fronts.

To make a long story short, my Teedle guy chased Mags into the bushes and I couldn’t get her out, not even with enticing mint, mustard greens, or dandelion greens… so I hit my last resort- my herding-instinctive border collies. They circled her out of the bushes long enough for me to scoop her up and get her back inside.

Now while I’m not proud of my methods because rabbits are so skittish anyway and relationally speaking, I’ll have to earn her trust back, I did save her from a potentially dangerous situation. Because mistake #3, I didn’t harvest her wool before going outside and now she has leaves and twigs stuck all along her belly and feet… so essentially I put all my creatures at risk and made more work for myself… dumb… really, really, inexcusably dumb. Especially for someone wanting to take on more critters in a homesteading situation.

I could blame it on pregnancy brain, but the fact is that I didn’t think before I acted and things just snowballed. There isn’t room for idleness or silly mistakes like that in a homestead. Period. Especially with larger animals, and small children in the equation, little mistakes can lead to enormous problems that could even be life threatening to both livestock and children.

If I could do today over, I’d definitely pause to think more. I would prioritize duty, safety, and logistics over my wants, and logic and reason over ease. The book of Proverbs was just screaming at me… “Acquire wisdom– it is better than gold! And acquire understanding– it is preferable to silver.”[Proverbs 16:18] and “Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed.” [Proverbs 15:22] and “The mind of the righteous person thinks before answering, but the mouth of the wicked blurts out evil things.” [Proverbs 15:28] ALL of those truth nuggets would have been much better applied before my brilliant plans were set in to motion.

I think the main thing I learned today is that patience and forethought go a long way, as well as that consistent diligence in present daily tasks keeps one from much more intense labor in the future. It doesn’t take much for things to become overwhelming.

On the up side, I did get some cute pictures.

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