Trusting God to be God

3 days. There’s a significance there in the number of days until my family and I will have to vacate our current home.

God can do a lot in 3 days- in 3 days, He raised His own Son from the dead and made Jesus victorious over sin and death, thereby freeing me from the bondage of the same.

So why, when I know these things to be true, do I still experience periods of doubt or uncertainty? I think the answer can be seen in nature; God’s character revealed to us in His creation.

I thought of my dogs in light of Ecclesiastes 3. God makes all things beautiful and perfects all things in the fullness of His time. It goes on to say that God has placed eternity in our hearts- we yearn for the eternal, to be in God’s presence and to have the voids in our lives filled- and yet, we do not know anything certain about the future, nor can we as human beings- the most advanced species in all of creation- agree on our cosmic origins and beginnings. Human beings ask questions like, “How do we define the human experience?” Or “What does it mean to be human?” My dogs don’t do that… They just live life- snoozin’, kibble, treats, and ball. That’s what they do. They don’t toil or stress, (well, about life. They do stress over motorcycles and unexpected pedestrian traffic outside the house) they simply trust that they will be cared for. They trust that when they go to their food dishes, they will be filled. And if they are empty, they seek me to fill them. They are devoted to me and our family, and love us dearly because we first loved and cared for them.

If only people were more like dogs. If only I followed my Lord as closely as my dogs follow me. If only I sought him with as much trust, devotion, and conviction as my dogs seek me each morning.

I heard Ravi Zacharias on one of his podcasts say something to this effect, “God has made everything beautiful in its time and placed eternity in our hearts…we have this splendor and beauty… and yet deep inside is the yearning to push back the boundaries of time in order to know something beyond tomorrow.”

I had prayed for God to show us when and where we will be going to live on Friday. We are still waiting for a decision on early occupancy, the VA appraisal value report, and verification of closing from underwriting. But all God said to me was, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Resting on the promises that God knows us, cares for us, has a plan for us, will supply all our needs, and works all things for our good according to His will, I have been able to enter His rest this morning with the peace that surpasses all understanding guarding my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Thank you, Lord. Your will be done.

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