When Fleas Prevail

Every time we visit someplace with other animals we end up with fleas... Or rather, our dog does. Without fail. I don't know if it's because of where they live having a heavy flea population or what. I have noticed that apart from visits, even being out in the woods like we are, we rarely … Continue reading When Fleas Prevail

Freshening Up

A few of the YouTubers I subscribe to have collaborated for a "Homestead Homemaking" series. The goal is getting focused on Christ, house cleaning, and making houses feel homey. Since I started watching their videos, I've been inspired by these women to take responsibility and joy in my own home and faith walk.  The first … Continue reading Freshening Up

Help, I’m a Spinster Woman!

How blindsided of me that it took 25 years to connect the term "spinster woman" to the craft of spinning? In my curiosity, I researched the term. According to theĀ Online Etymological Dictionary, A spinster: mid-14c., "female spinner of thread," from M.E. spinnen (see spin) + -stere, feminine suffix. Spinning commonly done by unmarried women, hence … Continue reading Help, I’m a Spinster Woman!