A Baby Gerkin

I love how God works in my life, so I feel it only appropriate to celebrate clear answers to prayers.

Story time! This, I suppose, is a follow-up to my post “A Pickle” as it seems the issue has been shrunken down a bit. We are in the midst of some uncertainty as far as housing goes- waiting to close on our new home, and being “gently encouraged” from our current rental residence as it has been sold for commercial use. Moving day is set for Friday of this week, and until a letter gets sent by Thursday at the soonest, we will not know if the destination will be our new place or a friend’s basement until we can close in early September.

So- I prayed for God to give us a clear answer of where we would be, when we would go… I think He shook His head and chuckled because all I got in response was a day full of references to Matthew 6, when Jesus tells His followers that God cares for His children and worrying is fruitless and unnecessary. Fair enough, Lord. So I prayed some more and gave in to watching the Back to Eden documentary- again, it was littered with references to that passage in Matthew 6. The cool part of that is my sister and I were having a conversation about direction and guidance and because of the scriptures referenced in that film, I was able to answer her questions and lead her to Scripture that applied directly to her situation. Double answered prayer- God gave me the opportunity to share my witness and disciple my sister.

Fast forward to last night, my husband came home from a men’s ministry “huddle” with left over food. Answered prayer #1. See, after having had to pay our current rent, mortgage of our rental property, appraisal fee, home inspection fee, and shower repair all in the same week, we cleared with $5 left until our next pay day, which is in 6 more days. Groceries are running low, so every little bit helps. God provided enough sustenance for us for another couple meals. Amen!

While at the men’s huddle, my husband had talked with a couple of the pastors we are close to (worship and discipleship) just in random conversation and our situation sort of came up. Answered prayer #2-We were offered a basement to crash in should the need arise. Renting a long stay hotel room for a week would more than break our bank, not to mention our two dogs and rabbit would be homeless. So God provided emergency accommodations.

This morning after I had played with our son at the community gardens, I was able to pick some produce from our shared garden. Answered prayer #3- this garden was tossed in to the works unexpectedly 7 months ago when a friend of mine from yoga teacher training started talking plants. Her friendship as well as land availability led to this garden full of sunchokes I can use in meals this week. AND have some to plant next spring. Amen! God has omniscience beyond my wildest imagination and He began providing for us in this time over half a year beforehand. Wow.

Not long after I had cooked up some of the sunchoke tubers, my phone rang. It was the property owner/manager asking where we were in closing on our new home. I explained the timeline to her and that we wouldn’t know until end of day Thursday if we would be able to move into the new place Friday but that we had offers to accommodate us until the closing. She then offered prorated rent until early September when we close. Wow! Answered prayer #4- God took some pressure off in that we no longer have to rush out on Friday. Now, I still hope we are able to get in to the new place as soon as possible so as to inconvenience as few people as possible, but God took something I had viewed as an emergency situation and ensured we would not be homeless. Amen!

I have been clinging to Proverbs 3:5-6 lately.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight.

I haven’t been trying to figure things out. I seek God with my questions, go about my business worry free, and answers happen. That’s how God works. Jesus said, “…for my yoke is easy and my burden is light” He doesn’t do things the way we do. If it’s overwhelmingly stressful or making you physically sick, it is not of God. When I walk in God’s will and seek His counsel, everything falls in to place without me even trying. And it is beautiful. 

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