A Word from Jones Soda


So… Energy will abound next month, eh? I certainly hope so as I’m nearing the third trimester of this pregnancy and I’m practically running on empty. That’s not true, I’m running on Kroger peanut butter, Jones Soda and prenatal vitamins.

I’ve been watching a food storage challenge series of videos on YouTube as I pack our house and do dishes, in between RZIM podcasts. And it’s got me thinking about life. My purpose as a Christian is to glorify God in absolutely everything I do. Well, I fail at that plenty so I never have a shortage of goals.

But through the process of sanctification of my faith, I’m learning that my concerns are turning in to curiosities. I’m not worried about anything, I simply have questions. How and when those questions get answered is not meant for me to decide and I find that so freeing!

I just take my questions to God (not Jones Soda caps, though they have been curiously poignant recently.) And he is faithful to get back to me with an appropriate and satisfying answer- even if that answer is “wait.”

So will energy abound? Maybe. But God knows for sure.

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