Adventures in Interior Design

I was a theatre major in college… As such, I studied not only acting and music performance, but also scenic design and set construction. I walked away with a degree that has gotten me precisely 0 jobs in that field, and a host of practical knowledge in the realm of set building, painting, design and lighting.

So I’m putting it to good use in home improvement projects! 

First things first: hole patching in my son’s room.

Unfortunately, the hole behind the door was made worse by the ladies who cleaned the house so it has to be redone.

Once that’s done, I’ll paint. I let my little man choose his own paint chip color…

He grabbed the darkest green end… So that’ll be interesting. I’m thinking accent with gray and navy.
But before that gets done, I decided to redo the highest traffic areas/ rooms with the most furniture to avoid having to cover, scooch, or paint around things after we have moved in. Living room and entry way got tackled first. Before:


My son was with me while I was doing all this, and aside from scraping the wet paint off the trim with a Ritz crackers a couple times, he was well-behaved and I actually got quite a bit done.

The trim in the hallway and all the interior doors are painted, but I haven’t painted the hall walls yet.

The carpet is horrible throughout the house, but that’s something I can live with until we can afford to replace it.

I ignored the kitchen for the time being because we have big plans to totally gut and redo it from the top down, and turn the “family room” with the fireplace into a large dining area. About 75% of my day is spent cooking meals, prepping food, or canning/food storaging, so I need a lot of counter space and cabinetry. Our plans include adding more counter space, a breakfast bar, redoing floor, and basically just making the space more efficient for our needs.

I didn’t see a reason to waste time and paint in there for now.
Then I set about the master bedroom. Before:

Gross, right?


I still have yet to paint the closet doors and the master bathroom door, and I haven’t decided if I want some sort of border between the two colors or just some chair rail molding, but I have the rest of the foreseeable future to figure that out.

I haven’t started on our daughter’s room yet, but I finally picked a color.

The coral will go nicely with the chocolate brown trim currently in really nice condition in her room. Feminine, yet not Pepto Bismol pink. We’ll accent with various shades of coral and sherbet orange.

So that’s about it. Everything else to be done will come a little at a time. Until then, I’m super stoked to move in and not have to live out of a suitcase anymore!

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