Home Improvement Project #1

When we bought our house we intended a massive remodel…over the next 30 years or so. That said, there were some issues we were forced to tackle sooner than later.

The kitchen sink… Ugh. As someone who for dietary restrictions has to make most meals from scratch, I spend about 60% of my life in the kitchen. Or at least, it seems that way. So when the spray nozzle on the sink decided to stick in the “on” position, it was clear that something was going to have to be done.

I wanted practical, simple, and most of all, functional. I can and cook a lot so I wanted a high necked faucet for filling big pots, one basin for optimal space, and a deeper sink, again for ease of use in canning and bulk cooking.

This is the before:

this is my little man helping me un-box while daddy gathered tools.

Considering the notorious bad luck we have with anything DIY, we only had a couple issues crop up.

1) the connection hoses were too short- we were able to find 3/8″ connectors to extend them

2) the existing PVC pipes were too tall for the new deeper sink- my awesome husband rebuilt the proper connections with new pipe

3) there was some water damage to the back of the counter top where water had been accumulating and leaking under the sink basin- we cleaned it with bleach and let it dry out, then sealed around the new sink with plumbers putty. We plan on redoing all the kitchen cabinets and countertops once we can afford to tackle the $1800+ project, but until then, this should suffice to end the leak and pause or kill the rot/mold.

4) the sink drain would not make a water tight seal with the PVC pipe- we removed a gasket that kept the threads from lining up, and sealed the “extra space” with plumbers putty to make the connection water tight. No leak, solid seal.


So we may have to keep an eye on a few things, but in the mean time, we have a sink that is now functional and practical!

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