Homestead Project #2


We ordered our first bee hive today. We did a ton of research before hand and decided to go with Draper’s Super Bee Apiaries, Inc. over Kelley Beekeeping. Really, it came down to need and budget. Kelley has excellent quality products with endless customization options for your hive build. But, Draper’s beginners kit included a full bee suit, AND a 3lb package of bees for about $100 less than competitors. That’s why we chose them. 

I recommend the book, Beekeeping: the essential guide, by Andy Jacobson

 for anyone interested in getting a hive started. It reads a little like an essay combined with a series of to do lists of procedural steps for bee care and maintenance. There are many typeos, but I can forgive them in light of the valuable information provided.

We may eventually add a second deep hive body since our kit only came with one, but until our colony gets established this spring, we don’t really need it.

The bees are set to ship sometime in mid April once the weather warms up. We’ll have more follow later.

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