Mom Life: The 2nd Kid

I get now why so many articles suggested spacing your children at least 4 years apart.Two kids in diapers at once is rough. 

Dinner tonight took me two tries. Do you have any inkling of just how difficult it is to focus on making a decent béchamel sauce with two kids screaming? The baby spat up all in her hair, the toddler wanted sugar cookies for dinner, and all I wanted was to go to the bathroom for the first time since 11:00AM. Sheesh.

Still, chunky sauce aside, I can’t help feeling blessed in the midst of the anxiety of trying to care for everyone at once. I have several friends who can’t or don’t have children for various reasons, but would like to have them. I have other friends who have battled cancer and infertility before they finally conceived. I remember how truly blessed I am to have had the privilege and honor of bringing two lives into this world.

But the job of mom really kicks in after the children are born. Feeding, changing, bathing all take enormous amounts of time and energy, more so than I ever thought prior to having kids of my own. Not to mention what goes in to parenting, teaching, molding them into functional human beings. All of that investment is made worthwhile by this:

Yesterday evening, I was changing my son’s diaper and putting on his pajamas when he grabbed me around the neck, kissed my cheek and said, “Ma, I wuv oo.” my heart melted. And nothing else mattered in that moment.

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