A Winter “Weekend” on the Homestead

Because of my husband’s work schedule, we have our “weekends” on Monday and Tuesday.

Weekends on the homestead are busy busy times for us. There are the usual tasks like animal care and taking care of the kids (which I hate to include in the tasks because it’s not a “job” as much as a responsibility and a joyous privelidge, but for all intents and purposes today, it’s a task.) But weekends are also project days.

Today began with breakfast: poached eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, and milk and coffee. Gotta make sure your body is fueled with protein and carbs from legitimate sources (meat, eggs, vegetables rather than just grains) to keep going through all the work without fatigue or burnout.

Then we did our morning “research” which consists of reading news articles, watching videos or tutorials on various farm tasks. We have a couple YouTubers we keep up with and they’ve helped teach us quite a bit as far as what we want to do on the homestead and what we have the capacity to do at this stage in the game. They are Appalachia’s Homestead, Homesteadonomics, Dirtpatch Heaven, and Road to the Farm. There are a couple others we watch on occasion, but those are our “staples.”

The big tasks for today:


  • Diapers- getting the cloth diapers soaked, washed, and clean.
  • Canning- breaking in the new pressure canner with some chicken bone broth canning.
  • Dishes- I have some catching up to do
  • Plant repotting- I have some aloe vera that is too big for its current pot so I’ll be resituating it.


  • Mulch hauling: this is going to take a few hours and will be his primary task. He’s moving woodchip mulch to a large, flat area in which we’ll be planting either clover or alfalfa as bee forage next spring. Also adding to the garden area.
  • Compost bin final touches: slapping together the rest of the frame, additional hardware cloth.

Little Man:

  • Help feed the animals
  • Clean up toys
  • Help with laundry 

That’s what’s on our docket for today, and there will be pictures and such to follow.

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