Chickens in Sight!

Chicken coop!!

Good golly these things are expensive. Not the chickens themselves, our chicks were just over $3.60 a piece. Building a coop for 9 chickens however was more than I expected.

We saw and researched several different builds. My husband’s parents repurposed an old shed they already had on the property for their coop. We considered just getting a prefabricated shed and adding ventilation windows, roosts, about 3 nesting boxes, and an egg collection door. This at its cheapest however was going to run us at least $900. No, thank you.

We looked at building one from scratch using plans we had in a book, but it was only suited to about 2-3 chickens and we have 9 coming in February. 

Three buff Orpingtons, two Americanas, two ostrel Orpingtons, and two cuckoo marans. Granted, chickens don’t need much more than about a square foot per chicken, and our baby chicks will be living indoors until they are big enough to handle outdoor temperatures so that gives us a little time, but that still means building something between now and March or early April.

My ideal situation would be to have an existing structure with a solid foundation that we could simply repurpose for our coop. However, we don’t have any old carport frames or storage sheds.

So, I’ll keep perusing plans and let you know what we come up with. 😉

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