Maggie Update

It’s been crazy busy lately, but we finally saved up enough to get some clippers for Maggie grooming.
We purchased the Andis model MBG-2 clippers

And an additional #50 blade. Maggie’s hair is so fine, the blade that came with the clippers would’ve just pulled instead of cut.

You can see the difference in the proximity of the teeth here with the #10 compared to the #50.

I got rid of the mats around her neck and butt so her fiber is now coming in nice and not tangled.

It runs cool and quiet so it didn’t seem to stress Maggie out at all. She just sat on my lap and let me groom her.

I’ve found I have to pluck her as well as comb her to get ALL the loose fibers and bedding out of her coat. But it’s been worth the effort because the fiber I get off her is really great for spinning, which I haven’t done yet, but will be working on during the Cold winter months.

We still haven’t saved quite enough to get the blower yet, but perhaps eventually it’ll make it to the top of our list of homestead purchases. In the meantime, we’ve been able to successfully groom Mags, and begin to prepare for our chickens next month.

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