3 thoughts on “Down dog Update #1

  1. Hey, I do hope she feels much better soon. I checked out your etsy shop. It looks like you got some items that should sell well. A couple of suggestions though to help you be more successful ( if its ok).
    1. More items. The more selection you have the better your chances of being found in search.
    2. Titles. Flesh out your titles a little more. A lot of etsy users only use the app, let them know a little more in title about what it is.
    3. Tags. These are ESSENTIAL to being found in searches on etsy. Try to stay away from one word tags, they are too vague. Shoot for 2-3 word phrases that a shopper would use to search for your item.

    We gave you a shop “favorite” those always help with gaining exposure.
    A good read would be the seller’s handbook.
    Good luck to you, and we hope it turns into a raging success!


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    1. No sweat! We’ve only had our shop open for 2 years but we’ve done pretty well. Not perfect by any means, but ok. The etsy forums are a wealth of knowledge if you have questions. They are a great bunch of folk, like a crafting community. Most times they are happy to help. Also, if you’ve got a smart phone, be sure to download the “sell on etsy” app. That way when you make a sale you will hear the beautiful “cha-ching” sound. Once you hear that you will be hooked! Just remember to have fun with it.

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