Down Dog Update #2

My husband went to speak with the vet today to discuss Anna’s recovery and our options.

The longer I’m married to that man, the more I respect him. He provides for our family, he leads us well, and he handles the tough decisions with quiet dignity and integrity. He’d be the last to admit it, (being a Marine) but he really is a kind, gentle, and sensitive man and I know this whole situation has been difficult for him as Anna was the first dog he ever got on his own.

I remember shortly after we got married and moved into our first apartment, he became noticeably depressed and withdrawn. It seemed to get better when we would go to visit his parents, who at that time were less than 2 miles away from our place. I pondered the reason and observed that much of my husband’s joy came in seeing his childhood dog, Copper, when we would visit. I decided we needed a dog.

I remember scouring the local paper’s classified ads for puppies when I happened upon an ad for border collies. I didn’t know anything about the breed, but when I started researching them, I found they were perfect for our situation: medium small breed, high energy which would be good in a running companion, highly intelligent, and loyal and obedient. We called the number and set up a time to go see the puppies.

While I was at work, my husband went with his mother to see the pups. The two of them are “animal whisperers” and so I trusted them to bring home a wonderful pet. When I got off work, I met our puppy girl. My husband said that when he got to the site with the border collie pups, they were lying together in two separate pile-o-pups, all except for one. This pup was sitting front and center just asking to come home with him.

So he brought her home! It was a few days before we decided on a name. We went with Annabeth, from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson book series, because she was super smart.

We fell in love with our Anna girl. She was exactly what we needed.

Today we had to say goodbye to our sweet girl.

We will miss her so much. But part of love is the grief of loss. Anna was a huge part of our lives and helped us through some tough times. Goodbye, Anna girl. We love you.

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