Land Stewardship

Part of being a Christian is the good stewardship of God’s blessings and resources.

We’ve been fortunate in always having God’s provision for our family and we respond in faithfulness by using it well. So my goal then had always been, but especially now as our family grows and money has to stretch further, to not be wasteful in anything.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a hoarder by any means. I know people who grew up in the depression era or had parents who did and they wash and reuse reynolds wrap. I’m not about to go to those lengths, because frankly, I feel it’s a waste of my time, which is more valuable to me than money. That said, I’ve been purging first with donating to charity in mind, second with repurposing in mind, and my last resort has been tossing stuff in the garbage.

Land stewardship to me means caring for and maintaining the land in as close to natural methods as possible, while utilizing it as fully and efficiently as possible. For us, this means using our own wood for building and fencing to the extent we know how and are able before spending money on commercial resources.

Since we have the terracing project gearing up, I tasked my husband with cutting down small trees to use as our barriers. It’s useful in that 1) we get the barriers for only the labor it takes to cut the trees, 2) we get started on clearing out the brush/small stick trees 3) nothing is wasted. Sure, we could just cut and burn the unwanted trees, but it’s more prudent in this case to use the wood we have rather than buy it.

This is what he cut down yesterday afternoon

Which is progress since he was using an axe and not a chainsaw.

We have plenty more where that came from too. 

Our ultimate goal is to get rid of the majority of the tiny trees and replace them with fruit and nut trees in an orchard that is about one or two acres.

It will take time though, so we’re getting a good start now.

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