Swale Progress

It hit 73°F today… Weird winter we’re having…

In any case, we’ve been able to get a good bit of work done.

Here’s how the swale is coming along:

My husband dug a lot of holes in his devil dog days. The skill and experience is paying off. And he thought he’d never use his MOS skills in civilian life! Pffft…

With all the rocks he’s been unearthing, I’ve been able to build up a border along the low north side of the garden

Day one’s rocks

Day two’s rocks

The swale is taking shape and effectively reducing run off. As you can (hopefully) see here, the leaves have collected in the runoff paths.

 They weren’t moved by this last big rain- Thank you, swale! Now we can preserve our topsoil. Luke 7:35, “Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her children.” It feels good when my theories work out to more than just ‘cockamamie schemes’, to quote my husband.

More to come as it continues to take shape!

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