Outside Day

My son heard the words, “work outside” and he decided he was ready to go.

On the docket for today is swale digging! I marked out the land contour last weekend so this weekend my husband is taking the opportunity to begin digging. I have to admit, when I put time and effort into researching a project, I get arrogant about it…

“So, how am I supposed to dig this ditch?” Asked my husband as we watched TV last night.

“With a shovel.”

“If you get much more smarty-pants about it, I’ll just let you dig it yourself.”

“Okay,” I answered, humbly. “I’ve marked out two contour lines at the appropriate width for the swale.” Then I got clever again and made some Dave Matthews Band references. “And you’ll be ‘diggin’ a ditch‘ in ‘the space between‘.”

My husband got the references.

So this morning, we had coffee and breakfast and then he set to work.

I came in early to feed the baby and make lunch for the rest of us. Yesterday, I spent naptimes outside laying more mulch and edging the garden area with rocks I found in a pile in our woods. I assume they’re from when the property was being built and they just got dug out of the hillside.

I plan on building it up more, but again, I split my time between two kids under 2 and outside work.

As few rocks as there are, they did manage to effectively staunch runoff during our last big rain last night.
This is the hill that will be terraced after the swale is done.

The grade isn’t particularly steep, but it certainly isn’t level and we’re losing valuable topsoil in the runoff.

We’ll post more as it shapes up.

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