Chicken Update: Feed, First aid

All our girls are doing well.

Before we got the chicks, I made a point of putting together a “chicken first aid kit” because I wanted to be prepared should we encounter pasty butt, coccidiosis, parasites, fungal infection, bacterial infection, respiratory infection, our cuts from bigger chicks bullying the smaller ones, etc.

Fortunately, we haven’t had any of those issues yet. But, should we face them in the future, we are prepared. My choices for go-to remedies are always more on the natural holistic side, but for some of these, I went more medical than natural for the sake of not “messing around” with disorders or infection in our flock. Prevention remains the best medicine in my opinion.


  • Mana pro organic chick starter crumbles (non-medicated)
  • Chick sized grit
  • Black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS)
  • Dried oregano
  • Probiotics
  • Plant sprouts as I thin my seed starts (no nightshades!)
  • Bragg’s ACV in their water

I’ve been layering together their food and they’re loving it! They don’t need much grit yet, so I’m trying not to over do it, just enough to help them out with the sun flower seeds.

The oregano helps to keep sickness away, and flavors their food. The probiotics help prevent pasty butt, as does ACV.

Chicken first aid

  • CoRid- treats coccidiosis
  • VetRX- essential oils for their bedding that prevents and treats respiratory issues
  • Pet Balm- all purpose vaseline type thing for abraisions or for keeping the vent clean
  • Vetericin- antibiotic wound spray
  • 3M Vetwrap- for treating spraddle leg
  • BluKote- antibiotic, antifungal, anti everything for wound camouflage. Keeps the chickens from canabalizing a wounded chicken.

Like I said, prevention is the best medicine, so hopefully everything continues to go well. God is blessing our ventures into homesteading, so He deserves all the glory and praise. 😀

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