The Long Awaited Lawn Tractor

It’s here! It’s finally here!!

Back a while, we decided it was time to make the investment into a riding lawn mower. It was more money than I care to spend on tools, but I finally hit my limit of mowing 3 cleared acres of land with a walk behind model.

That said, after 5 calls saying “It’ll be delivered tomorrow” and a month of being back ordered, it finally came!

We went with the Troy built 50″ deck, which is now discontinued and is part of the reason it took so long to arrive.

Yesterday, I knocked out all the cleared space in under 2 hours. I’d say roughly 2.3 or so of our 5.32 acres is pretty densely wooded, and the back half is a kudzu pasture (hello, goats, anyone?) So I didn’t bother with those areas obviously.

I was incredibly dirt-encrusted afterward, but I didn’t have blisters or heat exhaustion! Huzzah! There are a few slopes I have to hit with the walk behind because they were too steep for the rider, but that’s cake compared to before when it took a week to fully mow it all.

My neighbor had been mowing around our mailbox and the front section of our property because he’s a nice guy and I imagine he wasn’t keen on seeing the bit beside his nicely manicured lawn all over grown. But I went ahead and took care of that too yesterday. It’s a blessing to have such kind and generous neighbors, while still being somewhat rural.

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