Terrace Garden Update

My in-laws came down to visit for Independence Day weekend. While they were visiting, we had a great time playing with the kids and being outdoors. We reflected on our freedom and Independence living here in America, and we celebrated with good food, good conversation, and some yard work! Why not, right?

My husband and his dad dug out the 2nd level of the terrace. Right now you can see how rocky and dead the clay soil is. Not a single worm or cricket. I haven’t gotten a chance to finish applying the wood chip mulch yet, but all in good time. My big push for autumn preparations for the garden will begin in late September/early October. And I think I want that particular area for potatoes. Now if I could just keep my son from playing with the newspaper as I lay it down…


In the mean time, we’re waiting on our tomatoes to really begin to ripen, and enjoying an abundance of cucumbers and summer squash. Right now I’m getting about 3-4 per week off only 2 plants. So for pickling next year, I’ll probably try more like 4-6 plants. And so far I’ve canned 8 pints of pickles!

The corn is looking good, too, and shouldn’t be too far off.

I’m just reminded that all good gifts are from God and He’s been so good and faithful to us this gardening season. 

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