Busy Busy Busy!

It’s been absolutely buzzing around the homestead lately, unfortunately, literally… We finally decided to get our own yellow jacket pesticides as they’re beginning to take over the south side of our property, and that’s just not okay. We put it off initially because of our honey bees- we were concerned they’d be innocent victims of our targeted attack on the yellow jackets, but seeing as we lost our hive, we feel confident in proceeding with their extermination. 

We went with traps and baited pesticides in an attempt to wipe out the entire hive(s) as opposed to spraying. Partially because I don’t want the ground spray permeating the soil I’ve worked to keep healthy, and partially because the spray would have run us upwards of $300, and wouldn’t even have addressed 2 of 3 known hives… So, I’ll let you know how it goes once we set up the baits.

In addition to that, I’m approaching the halfway milestone in this pregnancy. We learn Baby #3’s gender tomorrow morning! I’m very excited to see if my gut instinct proves correct a 3rd time (I’m guessing boy). 

Being that I’m only going to get bigger, tireder, and clumsier, I’m trying to get a lot of our prep for fall completed while I still have the energy and ability to do it.

My son and I in the last two weekends have planted our other peach tree and 1 of 2 apple trees while my husband was either at work or working on homework. It’s a great way to keep the kids out of his hair so he can focus on his reading and such. 

Apple tree #1 of 2

I don’t remember now which tree is which, but one is an Early Harvest Apple (for early harvest… obviously…), and the other is a Stayman winesap (Late harvest) We lost the Red Delicious one, but it was only purchased as an extra pollinator, so it wasn’t a huge loss. 

I weeded one of the terraces yesterday. Apparently, it’s now home to a chipmunk of some sort… Shame on me for not thinning the pumpkins and melons… 

Oh! And surprise- the potatoes we planted back in…? July? Sprouted!!! I totally didn’t expect that. They weren’t incredibly high quality spuds and it was mostly an experiment. But it seems to be working. If nothing else, perhaps we can squeak out a harvest of tiny seed potatoes for the spring.

Yukon gold potatoes

We’ve been mowing and mulching and composting and fertilizing like mad to prepare for winter, which according to the Farmer’s Almanac is supposed to be cold and snowy (I’ll believe it when I see it) this year. Which will be great to have a hard freeze for the fruit trees and moisture for the gardens.

Here’s to a happy Autumn harvest and land preparation!

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