Tertiary Kitchen DIY Project

Lack of storage space is a real issue in our kitchen space. A full out remodel job is looming over our heads. In the meantime until we can afford to tackle the project, I’ve been looking for solutions to the storage issue that are free or inexpensive. I lucked out and found one that was free!

My husband works at our church and they’ve been trying to get rooms cleared out of certain sections of the building due to it’s advanced age and lack of suitability for use. That said, he gets first right of refusal for all the junk they’re going to throw away!

He brought home this gem for me a couple weeks ago and I’ve been deciding where and how to use it.

First things first- it’s incredibly ugly. So, I decided to paint it. For anyone who hasn’t ever tried painting “not real wood” it is miserable. I would’ve used Rust-Oleum spray paint, but that would’ve cost me money and defeated the purpose of the project being free… So, I had several cans of white paint we used for the trim when we moved in, so I utilized what we had on hand.

First I disassembled it and roughed it up a bit with some low grit sandpaper.

Then I painted the individual parts

 There’s it almost completely done, doors and handles were the last things to go back on.

And there it is all painted. I think if we keep it long term, I’ll probably redo the hardware to match the stuff on the herbal medicine hutch…and I’ll probably re-paint the hutch as well.

For right now, it’s housing my cook books, oven mitts and potholders, and canning paraphernalia to make space in the mudroom pantry shelves.

Overall, I’m pleased with it, for it being a salvaged item.

Oh, and there’s some of that stunning moss green 1970s carpet I love…she said, voice dripping with sarcasm…

Oh, and if everything in my house always appears crooked, that’s because it is crooked… My OCD is still coming to grips with the wonky house.

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